On continuous and systematic nutrition improvement

On continuous and systematic nutrition improvement
Author: Indré Klimaité
Publisher: Jan van Eyck
Language: English
Pages: -
Weight: 350 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

A publication “On continuous and systematic nutrition improvement”. It is continuation of her project and publication “Canteen Guide 2009”.

It is a narative of human culture within a system. It is insider view that lifts sheets to ideology mechanism, it’s propaganda and practice. This publication extends history and itself becomes a plan for tomorrow.

Research itself is based on textual and visual materials collected from Soviet public catering books between 1935 until 1990. Material spans over a broad range of documents, from official sanitation memorandum to archeological photographs, from technical plans for the classification of potatoes to dinner room schemes, from soviet gastronomy recipes to sanitary norms and measures to fight rodents and microbes.