Le Cercle

Le Cercle
Author: Benjamin Deberdt, Mark Gonzales
Publisher: Izrock Pressings
Language: English
Pages: -
Size: 19 x 25.6 cm
Weight: 111 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-0-9803771-6-3
Price: €45.00
Product Description

In 2009, Mark Gonzales revisited his project the ‘Circle Board’ – a sequence of nine skateboards joined end to end to form a complete loop. Benjamin Deberdt photographed Mark riding his creation before dawn in front of the Eiffel Tower producing enigmatic grainy black and white prints. These photographs were then shipped to New York City and drawn directly upon by Mark in his idiosyncratic style. His poetry, familiar characters and some new themes can be seen, much of these inspired by the photos themselves and the city of Paris.
The publication is a limited run artist book conceived by the artists and Izrock Pressings. Including a mix of 4-colour cover and 2 colour Risograph printing throughout the printing is by bespoke press Blood and Thunder in Sydney, Australia.

4 colour cover and inside cover 200gsm
2 colour inside black + blue or fluro pink 140gsm paper
Risograph print

Edition of 500

Yo Mark, I need a signature model boss