Danimarca 1961

Danimarca 1961
Author: Ugo Mulas
Publisher: Humboldt Books
Language: Italian, English
Pages: 94
Size: 17 x 21 cm
Weight: 265 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9788899385248
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Product Description

In the Italy of 1961, which was tumultuously changing, Denmark was an example and an oasis of peace. Tidy countryside, a design that indicated new ways of living, a civilised population that was building a model society between exemplary farms and neat bourgeois interiors. These and other reasons prompted 'L'Illustrazione Italiana' to send critic Giorgio Zampa and photographer Ugo Mulas to make an in-depth reportage in the nearest Scandinavia. Some of the encounters are legendary, such as those with the writer and baroness Karen Blixen or with the Nobel Prize winner for physics Niels Bohr, but Mulas's eye is also drawn to the newly-born Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and in his photographs we can already glimpse that interest in art that will mark his later research. Introduction by Dario Borso.

Dario Borso, Giorgio Zampa

Graphic design: Teresa Piardi (Maxwell studio)