Alix Vollum - Paradise Rendezvous

Alix Vollum - Paradise Rendezvous
Author: Alix Vollum
Publisher: Hesse Press
Language: English
Pages: 12
Size: Sleeve 30.5 x 40 cm, Newsprint 25.5 x 31 cm
Weight: 10 g
Binding: Softcover
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Price: €25.00
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Product Description

Alix Vollum meticulously replicates back page ads from the LA Weekly, inserting looping spirals of language fragments, found text from intragovernmental briefings and anonymous teen online role-play, and reflections on information, signs and meaning. In this overgrown text-image, "Paradise Rendezvous" fixates on the release of ecstasy though repetition, error, ambiguity, and a transcendence of design conventions.