Yngve Holen – Heinzerling

Yngve Holen – Heinzerling
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Publisher: Hatje Cantz
Language: English, Norwegian
Pages: 128
Size: 18 x 24 cm
Weight: 510 g
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9783775745758
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Product Description

The work by the sculptor Yngve Holen revolves around the increasingly tangled relationship between human and machine, the physical body and consumer culture. For his most extensive solo show in Norway to date, he took the opportunity to trace the linguistic, tactile, visual, and site-specific parameters that define us and our environment. He bridges the gap from the general to the personal by exploring the theme of his Norwegian-German background in the show’s title, as well as in a new group of works named HEINZERLING. The catalogue includes views of the exhibition at the Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, along with works from the past decade of the artist’s career and photographs of a new, site-specific installation at the Holens’ family cottage in Kvam, Gudbrandsdalen, Norway.

Yngve Holen (*1982, Braunschweig, Germany), is of Norwegian-German heritage and lives in Berlin. He was awarded the 2014/15 ars viva prize and the 2017 Robert Jacobsen Prize. His work has been shown in numerous institutional solo and group shows around the world.

Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
March 1—April 21, 2019

Kunsthall Stavanger
May ​16—July 28, 2019

texts by Matias Faldbakken, Armin Zweite
graphic design by Rupert Smyth