Joan Jonas: Performance Video Installation (1968-2000)

Joan Jonas: Performance Video Installation (1968-2000)
Author: Ed. Johann-Karl Schmidt
Publisher: Hatje Cantz
Language: English
Pages: 236
Size: 23.00 x 26.90 cm
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Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9783775709774
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Product Description

Performances, videos and installations - the American artist Joan Jonas belongs among the most influential pioneers in this genre. Newly popular in the nineties, these art forms have formed the core of her work since the sixties. Her performances feature a number of recurring motives: reflections of her own body in relation to the surroundings and the audience, the fragmentation of time and space, masquerades and transformations, or the interdependencies of language, song and body movement. Her installations come alive in the pervasion of various artistic forms of expression, not least testifying to the critical assessment of her own position as a woman artist. Numerous performance and film stills, installation drawings and photographs, some of them published for the first time, as well as an interview with Joan Jonas and instructive texts make for a multi-faceted portrait of the artist and her creative spheres from the late sixties to today. The artist: Joan Jonas, born 1936 in New York. Studies at Mount Holyoke College, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School and Columbia University, New York. Since 1995, professorship at the Stuttgart Art Academy. Numerous exhibitions at galleries and museums, among them participation in documenta 6 and 7 and Documenta11.