Author: Marius Glauer
Publisher: Hatje Cantz Publishing
Language: English / German
Pages: 298
Size: 23.5 x 30.5
Weight: 1.8000 kg
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9783775750660
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Product Description

The monograph “GLAUER” by Marius Glauer, published by Hatje Cantz Publishing and edited by curator Christian Ganzenberg. With over a hundred photographs, it gives a profound insight into the artist’s experimental creative work and for the first time presents a comprehensive collection of his creations of the last decade. Pointed texts contributed by Diandra Donecker (Villa Grisebach, Berlin), Lydia Korndörfer (Kunstverein Arnsberg), artist Josephine Pryde and author Simon Elson examine Glauer’s works in a social and art-historical discourse.

The artist’s conceptual focus lies in the liminal space between photography and sculpture in contemporary art. With his sculptural-based photography, he covers the entire material and discursive spectrum of what can be considered photography today. In his assemblages, factory-made materials, flowers and objets trouvés are transformed in performative, sculptural experimental arrangements into hyperreal illusory worlds and sculptural still lifes. Only photography is able to capture these constellations and states.

Glauer’s images manifest mainly in large-format photographs and extensive installations which are reunited as reproductions in this book, much like in an exhibition. 14 chapters retrace his evolution over the last ten years. The titles of these creative phases are already present on the cover, can be read as lyrical text, and reference intersections of autobiographical influences and abstract photography. This is further discussed in Glauer’s conversation with Diandra Donecker and the exhibition review of author Simon Elson.