Wim Cuyvers / Marc De Blieck

Wim Cuyvers / Marc De Blieck
Author: Wim Cuyvers, Marc De Blieck
Publisher: Yves Gevaert
Language: -
Pages: 192 p., 65 ill.
Size: 20 x 16,5 cm
Weight: 430 g
Binding: -
ISBN: 2-930128-20-8
Price: €25.00
Product Description

The infrastructure along the Belgian highways (parking-lots, restaurants, shops and gas-stations) are systematically and intensely used for informal, social, and more specifically sexual, mostly non-commercial contacts between bisexual or covert homosexual men

The detached observations about these places are hidden in the book. Both the text and the photographs rule out any compelling narrative or argument, thus adding up to an unruly book that mirrors the multilayered “place alongside the stream”

Photos by Marc De Blieck and a text by Wim Cuyvers