Aurora. Between Night and Day

Aurora. Between Night and Day
Author: Carsten Zorn (Ed.)
Publisher: BWA Wrocław Galleries of Contemporary Art
Language: German, Polish
Pages: 68
Size: 20.4 x 27.3 cm
Weight: 240 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9788389308191
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Product Description

Editor: Carsten Zorn
Authors of the texts: Philipp Kleinmichel, Tomasz Kozak, Olga Lewicka, Anna Mituś

The catalogue with texts and works by the participants of the Aurora. Between Night and Day project. The authors are cultural experts, art theorists and artists who participated in the exhibition at the Awangarda BWA Wrocław gallery.

Dawn, this short period between night and day, symbolizes the moments when breakthroughs become possible – turns towards the New and the Other – bringing hope for change and concealing a chance for a utopia to come true. The ancient symbol of Dawn – the myth of the goddess Aurora – offers a pre-conceptual yet complex, aesthetic and allegorical representation of such moments, and with them the premises, circumstances and difficulties associated with them. The exhibition and theoretical project entitled “Aurora. Between Night and Day” uses the ambiguity of Aurora to ask about possible utopias, changes, breakthroughs and, finally, about the role of art in contemporary historical and social conditions.
– Carsten Zorn

Edition of 500