Fw:#7 Pages

Fw:#7 Pages
Author: Hans Gremmen (ed.)
Publisher: Fw:Books
Language: English
Pages: 80
Size: 16.5 x 23.5 cm
Weight: 195 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €12.00
Product Description

Text ‘A New Generation of Photo Books from The Netherlands’ by Claudia Kussel
Text ‘Books? Books!’ by Hans Gremmen

Design and editing: Hans Gremmen


There are as many ways to tell a story as there are storytellers. But how does the photographer deal with a narrative as a starting point and how does this relate to the final presentation of the work? This question forms the basis for the exhibition curated by Fw:. The exhibition shows projects by photographers where notions as documentation, narration, abstraction and presentation play an important role. Is the subject seen purely objective? Can one stage events afterwards to tell what that he/she wants to tell? How and where to put the emphasis? Does the actual narrative evolve while working on it, or is it prescribed? And: does one present the story exclusively on the wall, in a book, or as supplement to a newspaper?

With works by: Andrea Stultiens / Annelies Goedhart / Anouk Kruithof / Jaap Scheeren / Nickel van Duijvenboden / Rob van Hoesel / Bob van der Vlist / Bregje van den Berg / Chantal Spieard / Paulien Oltheten / WassinkLundgren / Sema Bekirovic / Petra Stavast / Judith van IJken / Vesselina Nikolaeva / Kim Bouvy / Wytske van Keulen / Reineke Otten / Mieke Woestenburg / Ringel Goslinga / Rob Hornstra / Martine Stig & Vanessa van Dam / Anais G. Lopez / Karine Versluis / Judith Jockel / Niels Stomps / Linda Maria Birbeck / Elian Somers / Antje Peters / Rob Philip / Rob van der Nol / Don Sars / Erik van der Weijde / Melanie Bonajo & Kinga Kielczynska / Raymond Taudin Chabot and Jasper Groen.