Frog #12

Frog #12
Author: Eric Troncy and Stéphanie Moisdon (Eds.)
Publisher: Frog
Language: French / English
Pages: 304
Size: 30 x 23 cm
Weight: 1.6360 kg
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

Frog is a contemporary art and architecture magazine, published twice a year.

Issue 12 contains 17 exhibition reviews, 4 interviews, 10 exhibitions in pictures, artist's special projects, and the chronicles.

Features: Paul Bernard, Thomas Bizien, Yves Brochard, Gaetan Brunet, Pierre-Nicolas Bounakoff, Gregory Cardon, Yan Ceh, Pierre-Henri Chauveau, Camille de Chenay, Antoine Espinasseau, Pierre Even, Marina Faust, Franck Gautherot, Daniele Gibrat, Maria Del Greco, Alex Israel, Dominique Issermann, Catherine Laubier, Marjolaine Levy, Flavien Menu, Alexandra Midal, Vincent Normand, Paquita Paquin, Armelle Portelli, Fabien Pinaroli, Anne Pontegnie, Douglass Ross, Jesse Seegers, Ida Soulard, Jennifer Teets, Nicolas Trembley, Annie Troncy-Rosen, Virginie Vuillaume, Chloe Valadie, Benoit Viguier, Arnaud Viviant, Jordan Wolfson, Mei Lun Xue.