Blowback (vinyl)

Blowback (vinyl)
Publisher: Foul Up
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Size: 31.5 x 31
Weight: 250 g
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Product Description

DOWN3 Galaxian 'Blowback'

For their third iteration, Berlin-based Foul-Up continue their exploration of mind-expanding electronics and off-standards sonic borderlands with Glaswegian producer Mark Kastner aka Galaxian at the controls. His new EP, 'Blowback', makes for a blood-and-thunder wayfaring into deeply anxiogenic terrains and confined audio spaces, bridging an earthly post-industrial and ambient murk - 'Truth Seizure', 'Parasitic Seduction' - with mythical visions of everlasting human struggles as seen through a broken kaleidoscope of ruffneck electro and mind-altering drone flexions - 'Ouroboros', 'Coercion'. From this point Kastner fast-forwards from the unsettling inertia of a grey-lacquered suburbia up to a smouldering bedlam rife with acidic geysers, primitive drum motifs and untamed machines gargling in agony as interstellar winds blow loud and heavy. Galaxian sure feels at his best when the pressure is high and the comfort zone exceeded, moving against the cultural zeitgeist and its affiliated schools of thought to fight arbitrary paradigms and noxious ideologies with his own arms.


A1 – Truth Seizure
A2 – Parasitic Seduction
A3 – Forget About It
A4 – Ouroboros
B1 – Coercion
B2 – Tunnel Vision
B3 – Blowback
B4 – A Grand Delusion