Kreatur (LP)

Kreatur (LP)
Author: Sasha Waltz
Publisher: Fantom Editions
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Product Description

Soundwalk Collective’s composition for Sasha Waltz's 'Kreatur’ uses recordings from inside various factories and iconic re-appropriated buildings as source sound. These landmarks of 20th century architecture embody power, control and mass production, while being the first witness of the radical change in our social and sonic landscape. hThe resulting composition is a musical abstraction derived from the resonance of these buildings, industrial machinery and factory acoustics, shifting the atmosphere of sound from industrial, to post-industrial; exploring a discourse over the human and the artificial.

The production of these soundscapes are less about organizing musical time, rather about recreating space, landscapes and memories. The Collective records and composes with the idea that the movement that falls into this space reveals elements of musicality within the dissonance and atonality inherent in the sound.

The composition features recordings from the Alcantara factory in Nera Montoro (Italy), Berghain (Berlin), Arma17 (Moscow), Gedenkstätte Berlin Hohenschönhausen (former Stasi prison).