Hell´s Bells - A Motion Picture Soundtrack (LP + gatefold)

Hell´s Bells - A Motion Picture Soundtrack (LP + gatefold)
Author: John Bock, Kris Limbach
Publisher: emitter micro
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Size: 31 x 31 cm
Weight: 370 g
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ISBN: EM11/2
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(VINYL ONLY!! No entire Album Download or Streaming!)

Hell´s Bells - A Motion Picture Soundtrack
A Film by John Bock
Music by Kris Limbach
Limited edition golden Vinyl (250pcs.)

Hell´s Bells
"Starring leading German actors including Bibiana Beglau, Lars Eidinger, Frank Seppeler and Laurenz Leky, the feature-length work Hell’s Bells transforms the genre of the Western into a melodramatic and meandering story populated by allegorical characters.
Hell’s Bell’s unfolds in a gloomy, nocturnal realm centring on an unnamed town. Bock tells the story of a stranger (Beglau) who arrives in town accompanied by a deaf child. The child influences the actions and fates of the other characters like a puppeter pulling invisible strings, steering the plot from within. Inflicting death out of sheer boredom and capriciousness, she symbolises mysterious malevolence, but is also a retributive power, using the figure of the stranger as a proxy or weapon for inflicting harm on other evil characters." (from Berlinische Galerie, Museum of Modern Art)

Kris Limbach´s take on "Hell´s Bells" is of grotesque opulence and does not fear to render experimental noise and subtle insanity to erupt the shallowness of what could be a traditional score for a western movie.