Continuo a Cambiare / I Keep Changing

Continuo a Cambiare / I Keep Changing
Author: Bob Gill, Alastair Reid
Publisher: Edizioni Corraini
Language: English / Italian
Pages: 36
Size: 21 x 21 cm
Weight: 450 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-88-7570-162-8
Price: €15.00
Product Description

Big or small? Weak or strong? Vanilla or chocolate?
Actually, I keep changing, and I’m all these things at the same time...

Originally published in 1971, I keep changing is a classic among children’s books: a series of little and big occurrences of everyday relativity, in which we are brave or afraid, slow or fast, gluttonous or full up with food.
For the immediacy of its images and the freshness of its drawings, it’s a definition of changing from a child’s point of view.

Bob Gill is a designer, an illustrator, a filmmaker, a writer and a teacher. He grew up in Brooklyn, where he lives and works with his wife, Sara, their son, Jack and their daughter, Kate.
As a graphic designer, he collaborated with Apple, Pirelli, CBS, Universal Pictures and the United Nations. He is author of classical books such as Forget all the rules you ever learned about graphic design. Including the ones in this book, and has been professor in important design schools such as the Royal College of Arts in London and the School of Visual Arts and Parsons School of Design in New York.
He was elected to the New York Art Directors’ Club Hall of fame and the British Art Directors’ Association presented him with their Lifetime Achievement Award.

Alastair Reid is a poet, a prose writer, a translator, and a traveler. He grew up in Scotland, and since the fifties has been a staff writer and frequent contributor to The New Yorker magazine. He has published more than thirty books – poems, prose chronicles, translations – and has translated the work of many Latin American writers, Borges and Neruda in particular. He lives sometimes in the Americas, North and South, sometimes in Scotland.