Stream of Consciousness

Stream of Consciousness
Author: Risaku Suzuki
Publisher: edition.nord
Language: English / Japanese
Pages: 258 page
Size: 29.7 x 22.4 cm
Weight: 1.9280 kg
Binding: Hardcover
Price: €68.00
Product Description

The official catalogue of the exhibition "Risaku Suzuki: Stream of consciousness."
Kagawa: Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art / Feb 1─May 31, 2015
Tokyo: Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery / July 18─Sept 23, 2015
Presenting around 80 photographs and three films that are mostly new or never-exhibited, "Risaku Suzuki: Stream of consciousness" is the first large-scale solo exhibition by the artist since "Kumano, Yuki, Sakura," held at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in 2007.
New pieces belonging to the existing series "Between the Sea and the Mountain," "SAKURA," "White," and "Étude," prove that his work is still in the process of deepening and intensifying to various directions, including development into the form of film. Exhibited for the first time, the new series "Water Mirror" offers a glimpse of his new approaches toward space and time.
Including a rich variety of texts (essays and conversations) and plates of not only the exhibited but also other works by the artist, this book "Stream of consciousness" is much more than a catalogue to complement the exhibition, but an invaluable monograph of the artist, providing a comprehensive view of his creation today.
This book is in two different bindings: the white cloth-bound version is only available at the museum, while the other, red cloth-bound version can be found elsewhere. The former has three variations with different plates glued to the front cover, while the latter is accompanied by an A5 postcard.
Text 1_Stream of Consciousness / Risaku Suzuki
Text 2_Abandonment and Presistence: Risaku Suzuki’s Photography / Minoru Shimizu
Plates 1_Between the Sea and the Mountain – Kumano
Text 3_The Landscape Photography of Risaku Suzuki / Keiji Ueshima
Plates 2_SAKURA
Text 4_For the Photographic Experience / Talk: Shino Kuraishi × Risaku Suzuki
Plates 3_White
Plates 4_Water Mirror
Plates 5_Étude
Text 5_A Mirror of Vision: The Photography of Risaku Suzuki / Yuki Sayama
Text 6_Inexhaustible Beauty / Kanako Furuno
List of Works
Edited by: Risaku Suzuki / Kanako Furuno / Madoka Matsumura / Yuki Sayama
Texts: Risaku Suzuki / Minoru Shimizu / Keiji Ueshima / Shino Kuraishi / Yuki Sayama / Kanako Furuno
Translation: Masaaki Tsukiji / D. Max Moerman / Lucy North / Brian Amstutz
Design: Shin Akiyama+Kaori Suzuki / Edition Nord
Printed and bound by: SunM Color Co., Ltd.
297 x 224mm / 258 pages / 151 color plates
Clothbound hardcover with tipped-in image
First edition of 1700 copies