dOCUMENTA (13) Materials: 01-07

dOCUMENTA (13) Materials: 01-07
Author: Shinro Ohtake
Publisher: Edition Nord
Language: -
Pages: -
Size: 25 x 33.5 x 5 cm (dimensions of box)
Weight: 1.8000 kg
Binding: Hardcover
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Product Description

It contains a variety of documents, such as his concept notes for production, snapshots and early drawings, arranged into categories from 01 to 07, in which we can read his thoughts and process of production during his preparation period from the preliminary site visit until the shipping of materials.
Scanned and laser-printed, various documents are made into a bundle of papers and sorted into window envelopes and contained in a document case, both are custom-made. The first edition of 100 comes with the audio CD "dOCUMENTA(13) Materials: 08_#67/2".
Categories of the documents are as follows:
01: Notepads;
Containing pages related to "dOCUMENTA(13)" from his 4 notepads used during the preparation period.
02: Sketchbooks;
Containing pages related to "dOCUMENTA(13)" from his 2 sketchbooks used during the preparation period, such as landscape sketches in Kassel he visited preliminarily and drawings for generating ideas.
03: Paintings;
Containing a series of his unpublished 35 paintings in the motif of Karlsaue's forest, which he painted at once in Uwajima after he visited Kassel.
04: Collages and wallcoverings;
Containing sheets of collages and cloths dyed or with drawings on them, made up in advance in Uwajima for use as indoor wallcoverings in a shed.
05: Snapshots;
Containing 205 images of snapshots, which taken by digital camera as a reminder during the preparation period, recorded on CD-R along with printed thumbnails.
06: Drawings and models;
Containing maps of Karlsaue Park on which he marked the location of his work place, his watercolor drawings for presentations in the early and late period, photos of a maquette of the shed, construction drawings of the full-sized model made up at his studio in Uwajima, some sketches of its structure and more.
07: Contents of package for Kassel;
Containing all the pages of his albums which includes photos of the components sent to Kassel for his production and various objects for use in his installation, taken as a reminder.
Documents: A4 x 227 sheets + A3 x 7 sheets / laser-outputs
CD-R: 1CD / 205images
Box: h.336 x w.251 x d.56
First edition of 100
Second edition of 100 10,000 yen + Tax
Paintings, collages, drawings and photographs by Shinro Ohtake
Photographed by Masahito Yamamoto
Translation by Tohru Horiguchi
Designed by Shin Akiyama + Wataru Kobara / schtücco/minus
Printed and assembled by chiku chiku laboratory