You keep looking your way

You keep looking your way
Author: Philipp Hänger
Publisher: edition fink
Pages: 192
Size: 32 x 23 cm
Weight: 330 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9783037462317
Price: €24.00
Product Description

Philipp Hänger treats images not as a single, self-contained narrative, but as a web of open narratives. In a world of simultaneity and networking, his work is a way to artfully mix selected fragments to create a new substrate for endless stories, perspectives and ways of thinking.
With transformative interventions between chaos and order he mixes found with made material, decontextualizes and recontextualizes it and puts everything into new references. Not only in the pictorial material itself, but also in the form of this book shows the entropic attitude Hanger. Everything is in relation to each other and emerges up or down, is rethought and used in a suitable place.
The series of pictures, collages and sculptural interventions arose and grew in several rooms, which turned from a completely empty state into complex settings and finally reunited in this book. Jonas Egli accompanied this artistic process from the beginning and tried to find the words - often as fragmentary sentences and fragments of words that appear in the work itself, that is, incorporated by it and become a commodity. The author, journalist and lyricist also took the independent pictures as a starting point for seven of his own stories - seven of countless ways in which the flood of images can be read