This Never Happened

This Never Happened
Author: Josiane Imhasly
Publisher: edition fink
Language: English, German
Pages: 200
Size: 33 x 23 cm
Weight: 1.1060 kg
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9783037462348
Price: €24.00
Product Description

The book "This Never Happened" is published as the conclusion of the exhibition series "transitions", which Josiane Imhasly realized in 2017/2018 as part of the * KURATOR funding program of the Gebert Foundation for Culture in the Alte Fabrik. "This Never Happened" is a cinematic-reflexive tour through an exhibition that feeds on the four realized projects, but has been extended beyond - and has never been.

Josiane Imhasly included four themes in her exhibition cycle that reveal social upheavals and states of emergency. The first exhibition "Well played. Man and his avatar" took the game in the digital age. The second exhibition made strategies of camouflage, deception and
Imitation visible on the body and the environment. The third project "What's in the Air" was about rumors. Because they are diffuse and difficult to grasp, they were explored with actions and performances that took place in public spaces. Last but not least, Denise Bertschi and Inas Halabi published research-based works in "Forever or in a Hundred Years", which deal with the formation of myths, the overlooked and the suppressed.

The reality and its limits to fiction, fantasy, virtuality and imagination; to the hidden, the secret, the invisible; the repressed, forgotten - these were questions that kept cropping up throughout the exhibition. This led to the idea of ​​imitating an exhibition or creating states, objects and ideas for the publication, even of smuggling into the book, which were not present in the Alte Fabrik in these weeks and months. This approach also indicates that an exhibition has a large random and arbitrary share. The publication suggests, as it otherwise would have been possible.
Installation views have long since become an indispensable vehicle for exhibitions - even more than the exhibitions themselves, you can see pictures of them. The title of the book indirectly refers to this: Peter Baracchi was responsible not only for the exhibition views of the series, but also contributed to "Camouflage, deceive, imitate" a work entitled This Never Happened. And his pictures are now the basis for this publication, but it plays with them: on the one hand, the photographs are being rearranged to create a new space, even a fantastic multi-storey exhibition building. The reassembly of the existing, in turn, refers to a site-specific intervention, a spatial illusion realized by Nils Nova in the context of "camouflage, deceive, imitate". On the other hand, the rooms are filled with works of art that were never in Rapperswil. Olaf Knellessen's text binds the four exhibitions under the motto "transitions" on the content level, he also unexpectedly delivered some hanger for the image section.