Instrumentarium 1 Sonnenzirkel (Töss) / Sonnenzirkel (Rhein) / Sternenschrift

Instrumentarium 1 Sonnenzirkel (Töss) / Sonnenzirkel (Rhein) / Sternenschrift
Author: Bignia Wehrli
Publisher: Edition Fink, Kunsthalle Winterthur
Language: English, German
Pages: 16, 20, 32, 32
Size: 28×21 cm, 32×24 cm, 33,5×25 cm, 22×16,5 cm
Weight: 410 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9783037462263
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Product Description

Set with 3 artist publications and text booklet
The monographic publication "Instrumenarium" by Bignia Wehrli is designed as an open series of partial publications and focuses on the image-generating apparatuses and settings that the artist has developed in recent years. A first edition, published on the occasion of Bignia Wehrli's solo exhibition "Holding the Horizon in Hand" at the Kunsthalle Winterthur, comprises the work groups "Sonnenzirkel (Töss)" (2016), "Sonnenzirkel (Rhein)" (2017) and "Sternenschrift" (2014).
The multi-part work "Sternenschrift" (Star Writing) is based on the agricultural journeys Bignia Wehrli's father made during haymaking in Sternenberg in the late summer of 2012, equipped with a GPS. The artist traced these paths with a "star pencil", an instrument conceived by her consisting of a camera facing the sky and a pencil pointing to the earth. The paths traced with Jupiter's light appear in the photographs as constellations in the sky tent.
In "Sun Circle (Töss)", a typewriter case converted into a floating pinhole camera generates the images that Wehrli exchanges for a large wooden box in the subsequent work "Sun Circle (Rhine)". The opening directed towards the sun captures the concentrated rays of the sun and the floating camera obscura becomes the "sun recorder", which records the movements of its own journey on the respective rivers. The resulting circular images can be read as seismographic recordings that provide information about the weather and the course of the journey.
In order to give the individual works in the publication the necessary space, an appropriate format was developed. The implementation of the partial publications concentrates on the respective artistic work and dispenses with contextualizing information and explanations. In addition to contributions by Yasmin Afschar and Boyan Manchev and a conversation between Oliver Kielmayer and the artist, the accompanying booklet contains documentary photographs and descriptions of the works depicted.

Text contributions by Yasmin Afschar, Oliver Kielmayer, Boyan Manchev (German/English)