Die Kultur der Natur

Die Kultur der Natur
Author: Aline Feichtinger
Publisher: edition fink
Language: German
Pages: 216
Size: 20 x 12 cm
Weight: 294 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9783037462225
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Product Description

"The curtain has fallen," were the headlines of the newspapers for "Aktion vor der Orangerie", which Roman Signer presented to the Kassel audience in 1987 at the end of Documenta 8. This was the first time the St. Gallen artist had been reported internationally. The "Aktion vor der Orangerie" was Roman Signer's biggest event in front of an audience, but has never before been honoured in a single publication.
The present volume uses just over a hundred still images from a film document of the Media Academy Offenbach and presents them as an image track. The sequence of images on the left pages of the book turns into a flip-book with fast paging and shows how three hundred and fifty thousand white sheets of paper shoot up, form a curtain in front of the Orangery and then sail back down to the ground, wild and gracefully fluttering in equal measure.
Starting from this event, Aline Feichtinger leads us through reflections on white sheets of paper to a dialectic of culture and nature. On the right pages of the book the author develops her text in a poetic way. On each page a single thought manifests itself, with which one can linger and extend the words into a "time without time, into eternity". The lines gradually transform into other contents, from which - parallel to the image flow of the flip-book - the flow of the text emerges.