Contemporary Geographies

Contemporary Geographies
Author: Andrea Mantecón, Olga Borda
Publisher: Ediciones Durango
Language: English
Pages: 64
Size: 21 x 29.5 cm
Weight: 300 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9783952532119
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Price: €19.00
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Product Description

Obra Latinoamericana is pleased to launch its first printed publication Contemporary Geographies.

Contemporary Geographies is a collection of visual expressions, dialogues and reflections surrounding the topic of place. The publication proposes and highlights the subjectivity of the term through a rich selection of Latin American artists and artworks and their dialogue with agents in various contexts.

Often overloaded with digital information, we believe in the importance of printed matter. Especially now -as physical limitations move much more to the digital world- our stance has reinforced. We have committed to create something palpable, graspable and collectible. In the face of much uncertainty, the goal of releasing an exciting and thought-provoking publication, has given us the energy to overcome the difficulties presented during the process. This publication is a token of these times; a dose of curated radical content and a collection of rich visual expressions. The dialogues, surrounding the topic of place, are filled with feminist frameworks, progressive attitudes, decolonizing practices and unexpected viewpoints of art, geography and its consequences.

Contemporary Geographies was launched on the occasion of Never Read Art Book Fair in Basel and published by Ediciones Durango in Basel.

About Obra Latinoamericana:
Obra Latinoamericana is a digital archive, an itinerant printed publication and a project at large committed to generate conversations between Latin America and the world through contemporary art, focused on emerging and underepresented practices. Founded in Basel by Andrea Mantecón (México, 1991) and Olga Borda (México, 1991).