Yannick Dauby – 咾咕厝 ló-kó͘-chhù : Penghu Experimental Sound Studio Vol.2 (LP)

Yannick Dauby – 咾咕厝 ló-kó͘-chhù : Penghu Experimental Sound Studio Vol.2 (LP)
Author: Yannick Dauby
Publisher: Discrepant
Size: 31.5 x 31.5 cm
Weight: 500 g
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Product Description

Yannick Dauby returns to Discrepant for Vol2 of his ongoing study of the sounds and sights on the Penghu Archipelago, Taiwan.

ló-kó͘-chhù 一 means, in Taiwanese, Coral House

Penghu Experimental Sound Studio Vol2 uses interviews, field recordings, found objects and subtle electronic manipulation to transpose Yannick’s impressions of the island’s natural beauty.

All sounds, field recordings and improvisations on electronic instruments, are from Penghu, Taiwan.

Interviews of children extracted from the film “Childhood of an Archipelago 離島的離島”, by Yannick Dauby 澎葉生 & Wan-Shuen Tsai 蔡宛璇. The second session of Penghu Experimental Sound Studio was located in Husi village, during Summer and Autumn 2015 whilst the album was assembled in the hills of Taipei, during the Spring 2016


Yannick Dauby is a french sound artist based in Taiwan since 2007. He relentless explores the soundscapes of his adopted island through field recording, audio documentaries and community projects. He also composes electroacoustic music and he’s often found performing live using found objects, analogue devices and digital processing. He has created soundtracks and sound environments for contemporary dance, public art and films as well as being involved in various ecological and local traditional activities.
tsi̍t lâu tsuí 一流水 means, in Taiwanese, a cycle of tide.