The Forest, the People and the Spirits (LP)

The Forest, the People and the Spirits (LP)
Author: O Morto
Publisher: Discrepant
Size: 31.5 x 31.5 cm
Weight: 400 g
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Product Description

Translucent green vinyl edition of the 2016 tape. Re-mastered by Rashad Becker.

An immersive electronic tryptic piece dedicated to the Ba’Aka people and its spirits.

Albeit his music is now closer to a soundscape composition approach, O Morto (aka Mestre André) actually started as a free improv / noise project in 2012. However, after releasing his debut “Memento Mori”, O Morto slowly began to drift away from the harshest soundscapes to seek for a new direction. He found it under the form of the polyphonic music played by Ba’Aka (a pygmy tribe that still lives in the Republic of Congo), and in a conceptualised image of Jengi – a forest spirit that feeds from the flesh of a sacrifice.

Having this exotic array of influences in mind, O Morto collected samples, field-recordings and electronic sounds that would eventually appear in the dense (and sometimes enigmatic) triptych piece “The forest, the people and the spirits”.

Originally composed for 8 digital tracks in the sonic research studio of SFU Burnaby (Canada), the record explores the possibilities of sound manipulation as a way to create rich, vivid and cinematic soundscapes. A noise maker by nature, André also plays in the excellent Älforjs and produces some of the most addictive beats as Notwan.
– António M. Silva

2nd Edition of 300 units on translucid green vinyl
Released on 2017