Dik Fagazine #4

Dik Fagazine #4
Author: -
Publisher: Dik Fagazine
Language: Polish / English
Pages: -
Size: 21 x 28.5 cm
Weight: 360 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: ISSN 1734-4727
Price: €10.00
Product Description

Hip-hoppers must be handled with care. You mustn’t scare or intimidate them, be gentle and watch your tongue. These guys are very sensitive. How do you reach them? Check our special hip-hop issue…

DIK Fagazine is the first and the only artistic magazine from Central and Eastern Europe concentrated on homosexuality and masculinity. Bilingual (Polish and English, published in Poland) DIK Fagazine is addressed to everyone interested in arts and men. Founded in 2005 by artist Karol Radziszewski and designed by Monika Zawadzka it is distributed worldwide in selected bookshops, concept stores and galleries.