The Shadowfiles - De Appel's Bilingual Journal 01

The Shadowfiles - De Appel's Bilingual Journal 01
Author: Ann Demeester A.o.
Publisher: De Appel
Language: English - Dutch
Size: 17 x 23 cm
Weight: 320 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9789073501744
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Price: €16.00
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Product Description

The publication series ‘The Shadowfiles’ aims to make the undercurrent of (hidden) ideas and desires, thoughts and texts, which for de Appel functions like a permanent source of energy, accessible. Alongside the range of public activities that an arts centre realises, there’s a plethora of work that is not shown – and often not meant to be: research is being done, proposals are being made, ideas are being developed but never realised, conversations and brainstorms take place behind the scenes that do not lead to visible results. ’The Shadowfiles’ aims to capture this ‘shadow side’ of de Appel’s activities and will appear once a year. This first issue takes as starting point the project ‘Take the Money and Run’. Contributors include Edna van Duyn, Martha Rosler, Xander Karskens, Maria Barnas, Nell Donkers, Ann Demeester, Jan de Clerq and others.