Paentiadau'r anadl/ Breath Paintings

Paentiadau'r anadl/ Breath Paintings
Author: Text By Alfredo Cramerotti, Adam Carr, Luca Lo Pinto
Language: Welsh / English
Pages: 64
Size: 14 x 20 cm
Weight: 164 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9788897889205
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Product Description

This book focuses on a selection of works from the series Radical Writings produced in the 1980s and 1990s. In these works the artist links her breathing to the gesture of writing, repeating a single action: drawing a line corresponding to one single breath. The striking blue paintings on canvas open up a discussion on language and signs, and on the authority of the written word that is constantly challenged as a vehicle of power. Text by Alfredo Cramerotti and conversations by Alfredo Cramerotti with Adam Carr and Luca Lo Pinto with Irma Blank.

This book is published in conjunction with the exhibition
Irma Blank: Breath Paintings at MOSTYN, Wales UK (15 November–1 March 2015)

Produced by MOSTYN, Wales UK and the generous support of P420 Gallery Bologna