Discarded Biographies - The Bauch of a Lemur

Discarded Biographies - The Bauch of a Lemur
Author: Paul deKoens
Publisher: Revolver Publishing
Language: English
Pages: 28
Size: 15 x 10,5 cm
Weight: 50 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-3-86895-352-7
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Price: €9.50
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Product Description

Small 'disposable' book, designed for the short story and photo collages of author Paul deKoens. A short part fictional part autobiographical narrative in 32 pages, this book is a torrent of somehow disconnected memories. Set in the tone of a reverie or dream this short narrative takes you into a placid and dreamy state of consciousness (www.unfinishedinventory.com).

A Discarded Biography can be seen as a modern-day resume. You can find them posted wrapped around lamp posts on your corner, or pasted to abandoned houses and their respective walls in nearly every part in the city, mostly hung arranged in an order of three identical pages. Usually a mugshot of the person concerning the issue centers the top of the pages. In these postings, people politely seek attention regarding modern needs or rewards of various aspects of private life. The job of hanging those biographies discarded is usually that of a solitaire, the lucky ones get the chance to slide into conversation with a similar figure pasting sheets from the other end. Sometimes, through the chat, eventually a connection occurs. Sometimes, a job offer comes out of it, too. In many cases after posting, people arrive back home soaking wet caught by sudden rainfall, or sun-bleached dry as dust. A Discarded Biography often refers directly to a Brothers Grimm tale, or to one of Wilhelm Busch. Occasionally a Discarded Biography can appear caught inside a trailer to a movie by David Lynch. (Source : Wikipedia)

Berlin 2011