Cabinet #46

Cabinet #46
Author: Sina Najafi (Ed.)
Publisher: Cabinet Magazine
Language: English
Pages: 112
Size: 25 x 20 cm
Weight: 450 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 5669898536
Price: €12.00
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Colors / Blond
Leland de la Durantaye
When the brightness began
Ingestion / What Is Fusarium?
Adam Jasper
A fungus among us
Inventory / The Tokens
Christopher Turner
Orphaned at the Foundling Hospital
Legend / In Hades There Is No Statute of Limitations
Wayne Koestenbaum
The importance of being Ernest


Cybernetic Revolutionaries
Eden Medina
Technology and politics in Allende's Chile
Talking at the Movies
Kevin McMahon
Managing the voice across the history of cinematic sound
Law and Odor
Ned Beauman
Scent as a chemical weapon
The Tattoo Solution
George Prochnik
A zag, a zig, a beast, a grid, a swirl, a sword, a word, a Lord
D.I.Y. Eye in the Sky
Andrew Toland
Masters of all we surveil


Just Deserts: An Interview with Danielle S. Allen
Justin E. H. Smith and Danielle S. Allen
Punishment, citizenship, and the construction of authority
Artist Project / Zona
Carl de Keyzer
Practicing Restraint
Will Wiles
The madness of the straitjacket
Punishment and the Myth of Natural Order: An Interview with Bernard E. Harcourt
Eric Anthamatten and Bernard E. Harcourt
"Free" markets and the carceral state
Disciplinary Loaf
The Wardens of Cabinet
Cruel and unusual nourishment
Regarding the Pain of Others?
Dusty Keelson-Maar
Snuff spectacle in the age of the scaffold
Who Better to Punish than the Innocent?
Justin E. H. Smith
Capital punishment and human sacrifice
Artist Projects / Penal Codes
Ellen Harvey, Lin + Lam, Francesco Simeti, and Javier Téllez
Hell Is a Funhouse Mirror
D. Graham Burnett
Dante's Inferno and Dante's Inferno
Ines Weizman and Eyal Weizman
Books behind bars
The Corrections: A Three-Generation Roundtable on Punishment in the Home
Jeffrey Kastner
The look, the voice, the threat


Postcard / Proxy Cipher Vietnam
Frank Heath
Bookmark / Hot Ticket