Cabinet #42

Cabinet #42
Author: Sina Najafi (Ed.)
Publisher: Cabinet Magazine
Language: English
Pages: -
Size: 25 x 20 cm
Weight: 444 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €10.00
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Issue 42 Forgetting Summer 2011
Table of Contents

Make your own paper model of the Dominican nuns’ habit. Download a PDF here (30.1 MB).


Inventory / Key Dates in the History of Clown Crime
Andrew McConnell Stott
Funny strange
Legend / The Surgeon
Wayne Koestenbaum
Our gang, before the final war
Ingestion / Peoples’ Friendship Salad and Other Culinary Expressions of Brotherhood
Elena Sorokina
The mayonnaise is the message
Colors / Drab
Aaron Kunin
The hues of an “immajnari karrakter”


Thinking Inside the Box
Christopher Turner
Wilhelm Reich and the invention of sex
Artist Project / Untitled
Amie Siegel
No, Oedipus Does Not Exist
Ben Kafka and Jamieson Webster
Analyze this
Dark at Heart
Jocko Weyland
Evaluating the pain of others
The Ethics of Rubbernecking
Justin E. H. Smith
The propriety of the spectacle
The Behavioral Sink
Will Wiles
The mouse universes of John B. Calhoun
Creative Evolution
Alexander R. Galloway
Nils Aall Barricelli’s mathematical organisms
Artist Project / Reviving the Habit
Julia Sherman
Well, Ada Clare!
John Strausbaugh
The queen of the bohemians


Who Knows This Man?
George Prochnik
The mysterious amnesiac of Collegno
The Memory Hole Has Teeth
D. Graham Burnett and Sal Randolph
Toward a field guide to shred
The Theater of Forgetting
Peter Galison
Scenes of censorship
Historical Amnesias: An Interview with Paul Connerton
Jeffrey Kastner, Sina Najafi, and Paul Connerton
Seven types of forgetting
Artist Projects / Monument to Forgetting
John Beech, Eigil Zu Tage-Ravn, Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler, Liz Glynn, and Olav Westphalen
Forgetting Derrida, Forgiving Freud
Barry Sanders
Out of sight, but not of mind
Selective Memory: An Interview with Londa Schiebinger
Alistair Sponsel and Londa Schiebinger
The forgotten knowledge of herbal abortifacients
Memory by Syllables
Joshua Foer
An abbot walks into a bar holding an eel
Artist Project / Bradwardine in Action
Amy Jean Porter


Postcard / Remember to Forget
Susan Hiller
Bookmark / The Clock Drawing Test