C Magazine #114: Men

C Magazine #114: Men
Author: Amish Morrell (Ed.)
Publisher: C The Visual Arts Foundation
Language: English
Pages: 64
Size: 30 x 21 cm
Weight: 180 g
Binding: Softcover
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Price: €5.00
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Product Description

Shame and Men: A Queer Perspective on Masculinity
by Ken Moffatt
Everything But the Boy: Chris Ironside's Mr. Long Weekend
by Kerry Manders
Ian Wallace's Monochrome Series
by Dan Adler

A Terrible Beauty: Politics, Sex and the Decline of Empires
Anne Marie Peña interviews Yinka Shonibare
Gender Diasporist
Shawn Syms interviews Tobaron Waxman

Centrefold and IBC:
Lezbros for Lesbos
by Logan MacDonald and Jon Davies

Michael Flaherty: Rangifer Sapiens
by Gloria Hickey
Material World
by Jane Affleck
Seripop: Landscapes Events Reproducted
by Amy Gaizauskas
My Winnipeg
by Jeffrey Swartz
A.K. Burns: Pregnant Patron Penny Pot
by Corrine Fitzpatrick
Christoph Schlingensief: Fear at the Core of Things
by Natasha Ginwala
Attila Richard Lukacs from the Collection of Salah J. Bachir
by Sky Goodden
Althea Thauberger
by Rose Bouthillier
Andrea Zittel: Lay of My Land
by Jacqueline Bell
Declining Democracy
by Emmy Skensveld
A Refusal of Images
by Kirsty Robertson

Radical Prototypes: Allan Kaprow and the Invention of Happenings, by Judith F. Rodenbeck
Review by Milena Tomic
Contemporary Art in North America, edited by Michael Wilson
Review by Leila Timmins
Martha Wilson Sourcebook: 40 Years of Reconsidering Performance, Feminism, Alternative Spaces, by Independent Curators International
Review by Ellyn Walker
by Benjamin Bruneau