The Tattooed Dragon Meets The Wolfman. Lenny Kaye's Science Fiction Fanzine: 1941 - 1970

The Tattooed Dragon Meets The Wolfman. Lenny Kaye's Science Fiction Fanzine: 1941 - 1970
Author: Johan Kugelberg, Jack Womack, Michael P. Daley (eds.)
Publisher: Boo-Hooray
Language: English
Pages: 196
Size: 21.50 x 27.70 cm
Weight: 556 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €45.00
Product Description

In September 2014 we exhibited the science fiction fanzine collection of Lenny Kaye, member of The Patti Smith Group, legendary compiler of Nuggets, music historian, and a once teenage SF fanzine editor/publisher/contributor. Ranging from 1941 to 1970, these fanzines represent ground zero for the zine explosion that was to come years later in rock, punk, skate, fashion, and art.

Primarily published on mimeograph machines, science-fiction fanzines were initially small-run circulars traded amongst fans that offered criticism, letters to the editor, and gossip amongst the SF, fantasy, and horror communities from the 1930s up until digital. These fanzines are about science-fiction subculture, sometimes serious, sometimes crazy, and sometimes serious and crazy. The visionary amateur cover art is outside of the realm of anything we've ever seen.

Along with Lenny Kaye, here’s some other people that contributed to these amazing publications:
- Fritz Leiber
- Tuli Kupferberg
- Roger Ebert
- Michael Moorcock
- William Gibson
- Lester Bangs
- Robert Silverberg
- Paul Williams
- Greg Shaw
- Harlan Ellison
- August Derleth
- Forrest J. Ackerman
- Robert Anton Wilson
- Earl Kemp
- Ray Palmer
- Robert Bloch
- L Sprague de Camp - and many more nerdy weirdo geniuses!

Essays on the history of fandom by Lenny Kaye, Johan Kugelberg, and Philip K. Dick-award winning author Jack Womack.
196 pages.
Offset covers.
Interiors printed on Risograph.
Printed by Cameron+Brown.