Walls Will Fall: The 49 Trumpets of Jericho (vinyl)

Walls Will Fall: The 49 Trumpets of Jericho (vinyl)
Author: Mazen Kerbaj
Publisher: bohemian drips
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Size: 31 x 31 cm
Weight: 220 g
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Product Description

"Walls Will Fall" is a site-specific composition by Mazen Kerbaj which premiered on May 19th 2018. The piece guided 49 Berlin trumpeters through the unique acoustics of a large water reservoir in Berlin-Pankow, whose winding corridors are reminiscent of a labyrinth as in early depictions of Jericho’s ancient city map: According to the old testament, Jericho’s walls collapsed under the sound of seven trumpeters, blowing their horns for seven days while circling around the city. Far from the religious background of the story, it is the idea of music breaking walls and barriers that is central to this composition. During the performance of "Walls Will Fall" the water reservoir’s natural reverberation becomes the accomplice of every sound and movement. As the musicians walk in the space while performing the seven parts of the composition, an acoustic labyrinth unfolds.

This performance was mainly captured by the 3D-perspective of a binaural “Kunstkopf KU-100“ microphone. Thus, headphones are recommended for listening.

The piece was performed by:

Güley Alagöz, Tom Arthurs, Ulrike Arzet, Nafea Abo Assi, Damir Bacikin, Juri Bell, Johannes Böhmer, Linus Bornheim, Paul Brody, Axel Dörner, Sabine Ercklentz, Ruhi Erdogan, Gabeyre Farah, Steffen Faul, Cornelius Fritsch, Gaetano Gangarossa, Callum G’Froer, Alexander Gibson, Dennis Ginzburg, Nils Lennart Haack, Claudia Habig, Brad Henkel, Didrik Ingvaldsen, Tyge Jessen, Jan Kaiser, Milad Khawam, Carina Khorkhordina, Martin Klingeberg, Anke Lucks, Arvid Maier, Yannick Mäntele, Gisela Meßollen, Fritz Moshammer, Nikolaus Neuser, Frank Noé, Dearbhla Nolan, Daniel Allen Oberto, Kelly O’Donohue, Achim Rothe, Florian Scheffler, Kristine Schlicke, Aaron Schmidt-Wiegand, Leo Schmitt, Paul Schwingenschlögl, Saeid Shafiei, Przemek Swiderek, Mai Takeda, Cornelia Wolf, Armando Carrillo Zanuy

The participating trumpet players come from from Australia, Austria, Cuba, Denmark, England, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Somalia, Spain, Sweden, Syria, Turkey and the United States.

Recorded by Ian Medina & Alexander Meurer on May 19th 2018
Mixed and engineered by Alexander Meurer in 2018
Mastered & cut by Andreas Kauffelt at "Schnittstelle" in Berlin, 2018
Cover artwork by Mazen Kerbaj (after a drawing in Elisha Crescas’ Farhi bible from the 14th century)
Cover design by Alexander Meurer

"Walls Will Fall" is a project by Franziska Buhre & mellowtown in collaboration with Mazen Kerbaj & bohemian drips
Funded by "Musikfonds e. V."