Author: Susanne Bürner
Publisher: Boa Books
Language: English
Pages: 18
Size: 21 x 27.5 com
Weight: 150 g
Binding: -
ISBN: 9782940409389
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Price: €22.00
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Product Description

“Leaves” was shot in a public park in London. The video shows a meadow surrounded by trees as its theatrical protagonist. Susanne Bürner has conceived a publication of lose leaves in the nature of this spectacle. The publication provides reference material shifting between different formats, between, painting, film and landscape.
Thirty copies are accompanied by a silver gelatine photograph representing the film location at a time of the year when there’re almost no more leaves. Three exclusive editions are accompanied each by 5 silver gelatine photographs each with the characters of the video, the leaves, now dry. All hand-printed photographs (20,5 x 27 cm) are signed and numbered by the artist (prices on request).

Author(s): Anne-Sophie Dinant, Doreen Mende, Tina Hedwig Kaiser, Erika Fischer-Lichte, Roger Turner.
Design: Susanne Bürner et Daniela Burger
Published by Boa Books