Dual Action - Back In

Dual Action - Back In
Author: Dual Action
Publisher: Bed of Nails
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Product Description

Dual Action - Back In, Bed of Nails

Dominick Fernow’s Bed of Nails label returns with its first release in a while - a new 5-track EP from New York stalwart K.P aka Dual Action. These machine tools spoil for the 'floor, acting as a follow-up of sorts to the excellent, blink-and-miss 'Babe' cassette and Avian's vinyl reissue of 'Auto Body’, providing some proper club weight across four precision-sharpened pounders and one incredible noise construct. Fixing glassy chimes to stern bassdrum with 'Back In', and banking noxious drones over the pneumatic mechanisms of 'When Mine', he rolls off-the-bone with the Pan Sonic-like 'Kill The Ignition', and mows back to the 'floor with the thrumming, diesel-fuelled momentum of 'Inroads', leaving the throttling distrortion of 'Easy Way To Get What You Want' for those who can't get enough. Like mostly everything on Bed of Nails, these tracks function as Warehouse tools while edging towards a more layered and destroyed vision of Techno - coming highly recommended to followers of of Preserved Instincts, Miles, Powell, Vatican Shadow or Prostitutes.