Author: KK+TF, Viktor Johansson, Erik Krikortz, The Gottsunda Workshop
Publisher: B-B-B-Books
Language: English / Swedish
Pages: -
Size: 18 x 24.7 cm
Weight: 900 g
Binding: Hardcover
Price: €32.00
Product Description


In the autumn of 2012, artist Erik Krikortz initiated a workshop in photography and writing for teenagers in Gottsunda, a suburb in Uppsala, Sweden. The workshop was held by photographers Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt together with poet Viktor Johansson and physically realized in a book by 1:2:3. The idea of the workshop was to encourage the participants to share their own stories about Gottsunda, a place which media frequently portrays as a problem affected area. This book is a result of the told, written and visualized stories from the time the group spent together.

The participants of the workshop were: Blini Beqa, Olivia Gustafsson, Sergej Brändén, Hanna Rönntoft, Linnea Carlsson Uggla, Arjanit Beqaj, Johan Järvenson, Linnea Sitell and Kerim Ashkar.