Astronaut #1

Astronaut #1
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Publisher: Astronaut Magazine
Language: English
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Product Description

Astronaut offers a place for independent filmmakers to present their documentaries and other projects that were achieved in their spare time often with minimal technical support or outside help. Up and coming music acts and photographers are profiled, artists and fashion designers are shown in their studios and people who are creating new disciplines are introduced. The user has a front row seat for all of this and gets to know these protagonists on an almost personal level. The use of film gives the viewer a deeper level of insight. Astronaut lives from amazing stories about people who break rules and create new realms far removed from the commercial world. Astronaut is a platform for individualists, for the courageous, for the unflinching and for daydreamers. Prepare for ignition. Prepare to be launched into an orbit far from any you have known before. Houston, we have an app!

Issue one includes: Alexander Schneider, Sam Huntley, Robert Raths, Herr Müller, Alma Har'el, the Michelberger Hotel, and more.

Numbered Edition of 1,000