Philippe Van Snick: Dynamic Project + Prix Fernand Baudin Prijs Catalogue

Philippe Van Snick: Dynamic Project + Prix Fernand Baudin Prijs Catalogue
Author: Lisbeth Decan, Hilde Van Gelder (Eds.)
Publisher: ASA Publishers
Language: English
Pages: 352 + 96
Size: 22 x 26 cm
Weight: 1.4420 kg
Binding: Hardcover
Price: €39.00
Product Description

Philippe Van Snick: Dynamic Project is one of eleven books awarded the Prix Fernand Baudin Prijs, a prize giving special recognition to those books which demonstrate an outstanding quality both in their conception (editorial and graphic), and in their production (printing and binding). The calaogue for the prize, this year produced in collaboration with designer Manuela Dechamps Otamendi, is distributed together with the prize-winning books for the original price of the publication.

About Philippe Van Snick: Dynamic Project:

"This monograph is the academic culmination of a research project around Van Snick's work as well as the catalogue to accompany his retrospective exhibition in Museum M (Leuven). The book was conceived around the extensive biography by Marie-Pascale Gildemyn and the different decennia of the chronology are alternated with essays on various aspects of his work. The chronology itself is comprised of recurrent thematic material (biographical elements, readings, galleries, works, etc.) for which a reference system is repeated on every page in the inside margin. Images are at once illustrations and plates and run throughout the text."

-Thomas Desmet of Studio Luc Derycke