Juliaan Lampens + Prix Fernand Baudin Prijs Catalogue

Juliaan Lampens + Prix Fernand Baudin Prijs Catalogue
Author: Angelique Campens (Ed.)
Publisher: ASA Publishers
Language: English
Pages: 152 + 96
Size: 21.1 x 27.5 cm
Weight: 1.1000 kg
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9782930645032
Price: €99.00
Product Description

Juliaan Lampens is one of eleven books awarded the Prix Fernand Baudin Prijs, a prize giving special recognition to those books which demonstrate an outstanding quality both in their conception (editorial and graphic), and in their production (printing and binding). The calaogue for the prize, this year produced in collaboration with designer Manuela Dechamps Otamendi, is distributed together with the prize-winning books for the original price of the publication.

About Juliaan Lampens:

"This book is built around the main projects of Belgian architect Juliaan Lampens. With a small but very personal ouvre (a few houses, a chapel and a library), Lampens succeeded in building some of the most radical architecture in Belgium.

The book unfolds in 3 ways: a black and white overview of the projects with text and archival material (photographs and plans), 2 colour sections with photographs by Jan Kempenaers, showing these buildings in their current state and a cross-reading by Sara Noel Costa de Aurajo."

-Thomas Desmet of Studio Luc Derycke

(With written contributions by Angelique Campens, Sara Noel Costa De Araujo, Joseph Grima, Jan Kempenaers, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Francis Strauven.)