Red Water

Red Water
Author: Keiko Nomura
Publisher: Libraryman, artbeat publishers
Language: English, Japanese
Pages: 78
Size: 26 x 21 cm
Weight: 340 g
Binding: -
ISBN: 9789186269210
Price: €55.00
Product Description

“I witness my first spring in Lisbon, I discover new faces, new trees, new flowers, new bushes, new birds. Next year, they’ll already be familiar. The sequences featuring the events of nature are early and fast here, the vegetation is lush and flowery. The cherry tree under my bedroom window was already in bloom early March, the flowers fell to the ground in April. In a city, each straw of grass on a sidewalk, each small pot on a balcony, each flower, each tree, each waste ground is invaluable.”
– excerpt from Red Water by Elein Fleiss, Lisbon, April 2009

Published by Stockholm based Libraryman, Keiko Nomura’s _Red Water _is the photographer's 6th body of published work. Within, _Red Water _is a series of images which portrays the landscapes of memory, presenting a narrative which takes the reader through an intimate journey of exploring the bodies relationship with nature.