Author: Timo Seber
Publisher: Argobooks
Language: English & German
Pages: 96
Size: 24 x 24,8
Weight: 386 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9783942700665
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Price: €18.00
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Product Description

with texts by Janneke de Vries, Christian Liclair and Philipp Wüschner

Timo Seber's (born 1984 in Cologne, lives and works in Berlin) artist publication TWITCH accompanies his solo show at GAK (Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst Bremen) and offers an incisive perspective on the universal, timeless topic of longing for the ideal. Through objects stripped of their original functions, the artist provides a glimpse into the world of professional video gaming where success is no longer determined by physical advantage, social status or level of education. TWITCH is a representation of a social utopia in which we are invited to cast aside traditional modes of social interaction and seek out new ways of being in the world.