LOG 41

LOG 41
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Fall 2017

Log 41 both observes the state of architecture today and devotes 114 pages to a special section called Working Queer, guest-edited by architect Jaffer Kolb. From Hans Tursack’s commentary on “shape architecture” to Michael Young’s valuation of parafiction as a critique of realism; from Lisa Hsieh’s examination of modernology in Japan to Cynthia Davidson’s conversation with Martino Stierli, Log 41 considers both history and the contemporary. In Working Queer, nineteen authors take a similar look at history and the contemporary in articles ranging from homo-fascism in early 20th-century aesthetics to trans gender bathroom typologies for today, as well as methods of work, materials, and mediation that can all be considered queer, or queering, in our pluralist, mediated world.