Monsieur Antipyrine #2

Monsieur Antipyrine #2
Author: Mathias Kokholm (Ed.)
Publisher: Antipyrine
Language: Danish
Pages: 208
Size: 30 x 17 cm
Weight: 458 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9788793108394
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Price: €22.00
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Product Description

Monsieur Antipyrine opens a new genetic mass grave in the capitalist-post-Marxist imaginary and closest neighborhood: a real feces, late, blue-in-blue affair. We cannot at all be ortholitic-thinking or academically-normative or artistically-sticky or stupid-critical-co-operative or poetic-idiotic enough. We cannot adequately confirm all the decent canonicity, the size of a digestive system-confused-with-a-genitals, or all that mighty, powerful sugar subtype. And especially not when it comes to those who, for example, had to imagine something special about any distortion strategic habit, status or vomitus right now. Just look at all these footnotes at Monsieur Antipyrine: an interplanetary clump of millstone that cannot be cooled anywhere but only be at some heck of the whole good-natured population of long-standing individuals. Roundabout rubs everything against everything. All these endless literature lists:'s democratic genitals, Marx the Profit. From the crotch vanities and all the way to the knees of the colleges. Monsieur Antipyrine simply can't get rid of himself, it's not a misunderstanding. And there will be no metastasis to new, unprecedented levels of modification, not even this time, not a global obsession. Monsieur Antipyrine takes away all established discourse and thinks more or less as a dump draws, and does not understand what is meant when others claim to be able to 'see something' in a drawing. Some will probably ask: Does Monsieur Antipyrine distance or distance from any established discourse? Well, If it is not the discourse in itself that it is crazy about, then it must be the established - the establishment and, uh, rather the discourse, it actually shrinks conspicuously in order to then escalate its worldwide coarseness, the objective dictatorship of its mental center of gravity. Yes, we do not know it anyway. The private is not so good enough. Honestly, it's rather Monsieur Antipyrine, it's crazy with: Antipyrine-in-capitalism. And we can repeat it, just with ourselves as the opposite sign. [...]