ANP Quarterly - Vol.2 #4

ANP Quarterly - Vol.2 #4
Author: -
Publisher: ANP Quarterly
Language: English
Pages: 74
Size: 41 x 27.5 cm
Weight: 400 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

Anyone who has been following ANPQ for the last four years may point out that this would be our first themed issue, and that person would be correct. Well, sort of because we’ve never declared an issue “themed” before. Or maybe we have but just can’t quite remember now. So what is the theme this time around? There is no theme. But it does feel like there is sort of a theme, right? Would it be “historical”? It’s not enough to say that the theme is “historical,” though, because just the act of making a magazine is by its very nature both documenting and creating history. So then where are we? Looking at the final layout and reading through it does feel like kind of an extra rich, staggering list of people, places, things, works this time around. To list the whole thing, well, that’s what the magazine itself is for, but what if we did list everyone mentioned within like it was a Kool Keith rap? Picture this excerpt, “…Rodarte/Matt Keegan/Bill Owens/coffee/ surfing/clothing/Brina/Thurston/Jonas Mekas/Mark Rothko/Ojo/Matt Lipps/John Opper/John Giorno/Lynda Benglis…” and then ended the rap with “fifth color: red.” How about that, ANPQ Vol.2/#4 Fifth Color: Red?