M. River

M. River
Author: Yoshihiko Ueda
Publisher: AKAAKA
Language: Japanese
Pages: 58
Size: 20 × 29.4 cm
Weight: 500 g
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-4-903545-96-7
Price: €22.00
Product Description

Art Director : Hideki Nakajima


「M. River」は、屋久島に流れる太古の源流を撮影したシリーズです。「Materia」から始まった命の大本(おおもと)を撮影しようという試みは徐々にその姿を変え、命の根源に迫ろうとしています。


「M. River」に特徴的なのは、写真に欠くことのできないディテールを犠牲にし、その奥に顕われる命、歓喜のエネルギーに集中して向き合う作品です。一方で、同じ場所にカメラを向けながら、ディテールの豊かさ克明さが、異様さを引き起こすような作品も存在します。人が「見る」ということの振幅を、写真によって探求しようとする意欲作。全20点。

Yoshihiko Ueda is one of Japan's most prominent commercial photographers, yet he has also published a number of well-regarded books of his personal work. "M.River" takes the viewer on an abstract journey into the wildnerness. The nominal subject of this book is, of course, a river, but the river itself is only a medium through which Ueda conducts an experiment in seeing. This experiment consists in showing a series of blurred images of the river, followed by a series of clear images, and ending with another set of blurred ones. These blurred images hold the gaze surprisingly well, and the core of "M.River" lies in the experience of looking at these photographs. In other words, the object of Ueda's experiment is to let the viewer consider the way that they are looking―perhaps not just at these photographs in particular, but at the world in general. "M.River" requires careful, concentrated viewing, and the book's clean design and layout facilitate this meditative gaze.

Includes an English text by Shigeo Goto, G/P gallery director and co-curator of Gallery 916