Afterall 26

Afterall 26
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[Spring 2011 - Spring 2011]
Contextual Essays

Alliances for Unlearning: On Gallery Education and Institutions of Critique
Art after Primitive Accumulation: Or, on the Putin-Medvedev Cultural Politics


Group Material

Citizen Artists: Group Material
Counter-Time: Group Material’s Chronicle of US Intervention in Central and South America

Isidoro Valcárcel Medina

The Everyday Fact as Peripety
Isidoro Valcárcel Medina’s Constellations

Catherine Sullivan

Fixed Explosive: Catherine Sullivan's Choreography of Stasis
Virtuosity and the Survival of the Subject: On Catherine Sullivan

Abstract Honduras
Excerpts - The Last Days of British Honduras

Events, Works, Exhibitions

The Mass Ornament — Revisited: Reading From Hans Eijkelboom’s Photo Notes
‘This Exhibition Is an Accusation’: The Grammar of Display According to Lina Bo Bardi
Pretexts: The Evidence of the Event
Late, Latest, Last: Afterthoughts and Footnotes on Godard’s Film Socialisme