Between Artists: John Kelsey / Nicolás Guagnini

Between Artists: John Kelsey / Nicolás Guagnini
Author: John Kelsey, Nicolás Guagnini
Publisher: A.R.T Press
Language: English
Pages: 48
Size: 19 x 12.6 cm
Weight: 80 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9780923183462
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Product Description

The work of Nicólas Guagnini and John Kelsey manifests itself in distinctly different forms, yet the two share an affinity for playing with and within the roles and structures of the art world. The conversation includes discussions of some of their recurring topics and themes: gossip, the jeune-fille, institutional critique, the abject, humor and their participation in collaborative ventures (Orchard and Union Gaucha Productions for Guagnini and Reena Spaulings and Bernadette Corporation for Kelsey)