A Prior #15

A Prior #15
Author: Andreaa Wiarda and Monika Szewczyck (Eds.)
Publisher: A Prior Magazine
Language: English
Pages: 330
Size: 17 x 23.5
Weight: 908 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9771376713009
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Price: €30.00
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Product Description

"What is Bare Life?", one of the leitmotifs for this year`s edition of Documenta, has been the starting point for this issue, our second contributions to the Documenta Margazines Project. as has been often cited, the term owes its present currency to the writing of Giorgio Agamben - the philosopher du jour within the art world and beyond - who himself followed Hannah Ahrendt, Walter Benjamin and Michael Foucault`s thinking around political power in post-Holocaust Europe, with a post-9/II update.

Andrea Wiarda
Monika Szewczyk

Kersten Geers
Jeroen Boomgaard
Valérie Mannaerts
Martha Rosler
Anton Vidokle
Dieter Roelstraete
Allan Sekula
Hilde Van Gelder
Maria Hlavajova
Dirk Lauwaert
Hito Steyerl
Rudi Laermans
Marius Babias