NºA Magazine (August 2001)

NºA Magazine (August 2001)
Author: Gerdi Esch (ed.)
Publisher: Nº Magazine
Language: English
Size: 29.5 x 23 cm
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Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 8710966040461
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Before there was A MAGAZINE, there was Nº – a concept devised by Antwerp Six designer Walter Van Beirendonck for the Landed-Geland fashion festival in Antwerp, Belgium in 2001. The first issue was curated by fellow Belgian designer Dirk Van Saene, who created NºA featuring Dirk Van Saene.

The editor Gerdi Esch explained the concept like so:
“Why a new magazine?

We want to return to a poetic, fresh and “pure’ fashion magazine.

A magazine that makes a statement against homogenisation and for individuality.

A Magazine that is made out of respect for the design and the designer.

A magazine in which we want to question fashion because we are fascinated by it.

A magazine in which we want to share the parameters of the designers we love:
passion, emotion, fascination, spontaneity, craftsmanship, authenticity.

This magazine is initiated by fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck as one of the fashion statements in the MODE2001 LANDED-GELAND project.

It will follow the rhythm of the fashion seasons, has a name that changes with the letters of the alphabet, and aims to be different, surprising and innovative.

Each issue will be host to a different guest creator.

Because we wish to oppose ‘globalisation’, we take up a clear and controversial position when it comes to adverts. We ask advertisers to depart from the usual marketing strategy and opt for a new creative adventure.

Our first guest creator is Belgian designer Dirk Van Saene, known for his ever-changing collections, his passion for couture and his cultural statements with non-conformist attitude to the system.

We are happy to present to you this first issue, ‘designed” in the same way as a fashion designer creates a new collection.

Thank you Dirk Van Saene, for you creativity, thanks you all contributors for you homage to Antwerp, and thank you everybody to shared our enthusiasm.”
Gerdie Esch.

As such, we are proud to release No. A online on the 1st of May 2010, as the first of five special online releases, as a part of the history behind A MAGAZINE curated by. Keep reading as we divulge the contents of NºA, exploring the contributions within this issue, a true celebration of Antwerp and it’s fashion scene through the eyes of Dirk and his collaborators.
To be followed by:

No. B featuring Benhard Willhelm - June 2010
No. C featuring Hussein Chalayan - July 2010
No. D featuring Olivier Theyskens - August 2010
No. E featuring Viktor & Rolf - September 2010