Hotel garni

Hotel garni
Author: Peter Knoch
Publisher: Kerber Verlag
Language: English, German
Pages: 130
Size: 29 x 22 cm
Weight: 864 g
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9783735605870
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Price: €35.00
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Product Description

Hotel garni is the first monograph on the work of Peter Knoch (*1961). All the important groups of works of the past twenty-five years—including installations, ceramics, woodcuts, and paintings—are lavishly presented in almost filmic sequences of pictures. The book shows a poetic oeuvre that deals with existential questions of loneliness, illness, and death. In its accompanying texts, Susanne Prinz and Isabelle Meiffert elaborate on recurring motifs and, in a conversation with Max Dax, Knoch tells of his creative process between Berghain, childhood myths, and the chansons he writes.